The hugely successful Women in Insurance series returned as a physical event this year focused on the main challenges and conversations happening right now in the New Zealand insurance industry.

Where are further areas for growth and opportunity within the industry? How can the insurance market be more innovative and successful moving forward? How are gender biases impacting women’s chances of rising to leadership roles? How can you put mental health in the spotlight?

Those who joined us heard the unique perspectives of respected industry leaders and celebrated their successes as they keep the insurance industry fresh, thriving and forward-looking.


Opportunities to expand your contacts at our speed networking session 

An all-new speaker line-up featuring inspiring leaders and organisations 

New insights from sessions based on independent research by Insurance Business 

Practical advice from experienced leaders across the industry

The chance to join vital conversations on progressing female leaders

Senior leaders play an important role in recognising and addressing the need for diversity and inclusion in organisations. This event opens up the discussion to reflect on how we’re progressing but also to identify what needs to be done to see real changes in the industry.

Megan Ferguson

Senior Director, Organisational Capability, Gold Coast Health

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